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Vulvagun - 'Situs Inversus'. Here's an all new, previously unreleased track for you. This song was written for 'The Painful Road to Eden' album but it was probably more suited to the 'Cold Moon Over Babylon' album, with its eastern overtones and lyrical subject. It was left half finished but with all that's going on in the world, we thought it'd be cool to share something Vulvagun-esque.  
The track was never completed but Evan recorded his bass just before Xmas (and we were going to release it then - but life got in the way), so it has now been given a spit and polish, a bit of a mix and has finally been brought to life. 
The video is made up of scenes from Universal's 'The Mummy' (1932) and some shots from The Mummy's Hand and is dedicated to the great Boris Karloff and all the artists who brought the old monster movies to life.  
You can get the audio track from Hellfire Records (link below) as well as all of Vulvagun's music on CD or as digital files. 

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Replacement Busses' Sick Trip

A sickening fusion

Replacement Busses album 'Sick Trip' is now available for digital purchase through HellFire Records Australia

Armata's album 'Destiny Awaits' is now available for digital and physical purchase through HellFire Records Australia.

ShreddeR's debut EP 'Tortured Souls' is now available digitally and physically through HellFire Records Australia.