From the recording Punitive Desire

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Negligence in action
Decayed, begins to rot
Hell on Earth’s construction
Bodies begin to drop
Decrepit and deformed
The innocent will cry
Radiation collects the toll
The end is fucking nigh
Death to all
I’ve watched this world through
Broken, battered eyes,
Wishing to forget
Each horror I’ve been witness
Mistakes now stain this place
The alive are deformed
See them fall
It’s death to all
Our mistakes call
Death to all
See them fall
Death to all
Taste death as it enters your lungs
Feel your body decay and rip itself apart
Inhaled soon to die
Radiation burns away at your skin
Bleed out simply from exposure
All food, water, all life contaminated
A reaper hunting prey
Slaughters all it can find
Caring not who it takes
A simple error, thought impossible
Now begins irreversible effects
Set to destroy until judgement day